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The movement for mental health.

ARmindsMatter is the movement for mental health in Arkansas. Comprised of families, providers, professionals, community leaders, advocates and persons living with mental illness, the movement seeks to bring attention and advocate for positive change in our state.

Destigmatization of mental illness, greater awareness of the societal impacts of mental health and better treatment systems and options are better for all Arkansans. Mental illness doesn’t just impact the mentally ill; it impacts our entire state and society.

ARmindsMatter is for every Arkansan–and this is where you can get involved and stay activated.


Sign up here for regular Action Alerts. When issues or initiatives require our immediate action we’ll issue an Action Alert to mobilize the Arkansas mental health community. When you sign up here we’ll also keep you informed about developments and news impacting mental health and the movement in Arkansas.


The ARmindsMatter podcast brings together movers and shakers in the mental health community in Arkansas to discuss their stories, issues and initiatives impacting mental health and the movement in Arkansas. Listen for free on the ARmindsMatter website

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